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  •  [Zhejiang,China]
  • Tipo de Negocio:Fabricante
  • Principales Mercados: Américas , Asia , Europa del este , medio Este , norte de Europa , Oceanía , Otros Mercados , Europa occidental , En todo el mundo , Europa
  • Exportador:61% - 70%
  • certs:CE, ISO9001, GB, ISO14001
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Home smart lock------really safe?


The quality of the door lock determines whether the family is safe. The smart lock is a lock that uses the human body fingerprint as the identification carrier to utilize high technology such as biometric identification technology. Is home smart lock safe? Will there be stuck?

Is home smart lock safe?

First of all, we need to understand the security of fingerprint identification technology. The uniqueness and non-replicability of fingerprints determine that smart locks are the safest of all locks currently in use. Smart locks are perfectly integrated with modern hardware through biometric and electronic technologies. Ensure the elegant appearance of the generous, but also to ensure the safety of the family.


The smart lock's fingerprint identification system, due to the uniqueness of precise biological features, completely eliminates the security loopholes of traditional door locks, so home smart locks are very safe and very easy to use.

Home smart lock will not be stuck?

Smart locks can't be ruled out completely without stuck. After all, smart locks are high-tech products, and there are stuck phenomena, but the odds are very small.

The chance of a smart lock stuck depends on the quality of the smart lock brand that the consumer chooses, an excellent home smart lock, and a very sophisticated fingerprint identification system that virtually eliminates the occurrence of jams.

In addition, the time used by consumers will also affect the emergence of smart lock stuck. When consumers use it for a long time without any maintenance, the chance of home smart locks will increase, so consumers use it in their daily use. Also pay attention to the maintenance of smart locks.

In general, smart locks are much higher than traditional locks in terms of security. Although it cannot be ruled out that stuck locks occur, traditional locks can also cause some problems when used for too long, so this is also a kind of failure. normal phenomenon.

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